ABSCO Convention 2010

Chairman: Br. Laddie Stewart
9:30 Bethel & Welcome
9:45 Discourse—Br. Dan Monette - Wisdom, Justice, Love & Power
11:15 Discourse—Br. Robert Wiggins - Honesty, Purity, Truth
Chairman: Br. Ed Winske
1:30 Hymn & Praise Service
1:45 Discourse—Br. Wes Cramer - Wrath, Jealousy, Exacting Perfection, Justice
3:15 Prayer, Praise & Testimony Br. David Stein
4:30 Discourse—Br. John Baker - Generosity, Long Suffering, Love
Chairman: Br. David Wiant
6:45 Vesper — Br. Steve Palmgren - God’s Glory
“I am the LORD; that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.” — Isaiah 42:8

Chairman: Br. Bill Gill
9:30 Bethel
9:45 Congregational Study —Br. David Stein - The Knowledge of God and It’s Value
(R2136; 2 Peter 1:2, 3) - Questions
11:15 Discourse—Br. Steve Palmgren - What God Hates

Chairman: Br. David Wiant
1:30 Discourse—Br. Dan Monette - What God Loves
2:45 Discourse—Br. Wes Cramer - “Be YE Perfect” Matthew 5:48

God Be With You ‘Till We Meet Again

Congregational Study:
The Knowledge of God and It’s Value – Question Sheet
(R2136; 2 Peter 1:2, 3)

Additional Convention References
R5809 “It is the fact that God’s Wisdom, Justice, Love and Power operate in full harmony—in coordination—that gives us admiration for Him, confidence in Him, love for Him; and all these appreciations are intensified as we realize His unchangeableness.”

R2759 “Seemingly the goodness and love of God in the provision of a ransom, a restitution, and another opportunity of life for man, instead of leading all to an abhorrence of sin, will lead some to suppose that God is too loving to cut them off in the Second death, or that if he did so he would give them other, and yet other future opportunities. Building thus upon a supposed weakness in the divine character, these may be led to try to take advantage of the grace (favor) of God, as a license for wilful sin... Their utter destruction will prove to the righteous the harmony and perfect balance of Justice, Wisdom, Love and Power in the Divine Ruler.”

R2372 “In this light of the divine plan of the ages we indeed see the divine character as never before,—divine wisdom, divine justice, divine love and divine power, fully coordinated, operating in absolute accord in all the great work of our God, comprehending the past, the present and the future.”

R1560 “Jehovah, our God, is the great Emperor of the whole universe, and his wisdom, power, goodness and benevolence are abundantly equal to all the responsibilities of so exalted an office. The human mind staggers in its efforts to comprehend the mental resources of a being who is able to assume and to bear such responsibility.”

R1249 “God’s law calls for right and nothing less, in deed as well as in thought... The fact that God’s law is thus strict, exacting perfection and depriving all imperfect beings of life, might seem cruelly severe to us fallen ones who find weaknesses within and temptations without, until we see that this very strictness and severity of God’s law is designed for the benefit of his creatures who desire harmony with him.”

R924 “In this figure of a tree the roots illustrate the divine wisdom, love, justice, and power, which though entirely out of sight, are the real sources of every favor and blessing, which has been or shall yet be developed in the full completion of the plan of redemption.”

R686 “Thus it is seen, that in our Father’s plan all his attributes take their proper part and place, and the result will be a grand triumph of all, demonstrating to angels and to men that His Justice, Wisdom, Love and Power are each infinitely perfect and that together they work out harmoniously His benevolent designs.”