The word ransom in the Scriptures refers to a price paid to redeem. The price paid needs to be equal to that which is being redeemed. The question is, what are you redeeming? Are you redeeming a sinner or a perfect man? Christ in giving up his life, as a perfect human being, gave it for a perfect human being, Adam. The purpose is to restore that which was lost. Adam lost perfect human life. Christ redeems man to perfect human life. Christ could not give up his life for several human beings, for he had but one life to give. The ransom therefore would be, one life for one life, a corresponding price, which is what the word ransom means. The life that is redeemed is therefore the perfect man's life, not the sinner. It should be noted, that the ransom was given to pay the price for a sin that had been committed in the past.